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Technical Innovation

On July 25th 2011, the review conference of 2006 National Standards for Non-Sparking Tools was held in Qingdao by the State Hand Tools Institute. At the meeting, the revised version of 2006 National Standards for Non-Sparking Tools passed the review. Up till then, it had been the forth time for Botou company to revise the standards.

It is reported the national standards for non-sparking tools are renewed once a year. Since 2002, the revising work has been reliant on Botou company, considering its technical strength in this area. As of today, advancements that are made in its manufacturing technology have aided the Botou Company to become a world-leading non-sparking tool manufacturer that overtakes mangy giant competitors including US Ampco and Italy Carltso.

In China, our product occupies 80% of market shares. Every year, 60% of our products are exported to oversea markets in a total of 40 countries including US, German and Japan. It is worth noting that even in Japan where its industry often poses exacting standards on the non-sparking tools sold on its market, Botou Company is still able to occupy 60% of its market share.

As the only non-sparking tool manufacture that owns rights of self-managed export and import, our company provides over 300 series of hand tools available in more than 5000 specifications. All the said products own independent intellectual property rights. They are also approved by UKAS committee. Their performances and technical parameters are all on par with the international standard. Constant technical innovation increases our technical strength. It also gives a reason as to why Botou Company is capable of earning the right to draft and revise national standards for non-sparking tools.

Plenty of applications exist for our non-sparking tools, including in the petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, and aerospace industries. The tool is safe to use in risky environments as it does not produce sparks from friction or impact between the tool and workpiece which might lead to fire or explosion.

Back to 1983, non-sparking tools were among the best-in-class products that did not exist in the domestic market. Numerous studies led by State Council Technology Research and Development Center had been conducted in vain in Shanghai and Tianjin.

Facing the awkward situation, Qinglai Yang, the boss of newly-built Botou company, sent for experts to come to Botou village for developing non-sparking tools. During 3 years of study, thousands of experiments were conducted. Finally in 1986, the first non-sparking tool was created. This tool then was sent to national test center for impact and friction test. After examination, our non-sparking tool was proved to be just great, with its performances second to none of exported products. With our non-sparking tool, Botou Company earned its first certificate. The creation of this flagship product also marked a significant point in the development of China non-sparking tool industry, as it completely change the situation where Chinese tool user were reliant on exported non-sparking tools.

In recent years, the company has shifted its focus to developing core techniques involved in the manufacture of non-sparking products. Every year, 20% of sales income will be invested into the technical innovation project for the year to come. In 2012, 10 million RMB went to technical research and development. Thus far, our company has recruited a team of 130 technical researchers accounting for half of the total employees. A majority of our non-sparking tools have been approved as high-tech products by the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. With those products, we also obtained the Certificate of National Torch Program Items. Lately, our company has been honored as the High-Tech Enterprise. We have owned a total of 6 national patents and have developed the nationally advanced drop-forging techniques.

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